Our managed account strategies continue to be recognized and highly ranked by Morningstar in the option writing category.

Enhanced Dividend Income Portfolio

  • Remains a number one ranking as of 6.30.19 (five-year time period)

    ESG Enhanced Dividend Income Portfolio

  • Gained back a five-star rating as of 6.30.19 (overall and five-year time period)

“CWP portfolio managers target to earn 2% to 5% of annual income from option premiums,  a tactical, covered call overlay covering roughly 30% to 60% of the portfolio on average over the course of the year.” – Kevin Simpson, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Capital Wealth Planning

The Enhanced Dividend Income SMA Strategy:

  • Features a concentrated domestic equity portfolio of 20 to 25 mega-cap blue chips from the S&P 100

  • Strives to achieve a consistent estimated 5% to 7% combined yield from dividend and option premium

  • Seeks to earn an estimated 2.5% to 3% of annual portfolio income from dividends and 2% to 5% from the option premiums, which is dependent on levels of volatility and market conditions

 “Our rules-driven approach, consistency and discipline are key contributors to how we earned this number one ranking. Although investors often think absolute return when considering covered call writing strategies, we take a different approach. At CWP, we believe there’s not only risk to the downside but upside risk as well – the risk of missing out on potential capital gains that strong long-term equity market cycles can possibly offer.” – Josh Smith, Lead Portfolio Manager, Capital Wealth Planning