ESG Enhanced Dividend Income Portfolio

Catholic Values Accommodation | Moderate Growth and Income

Capital Wealth Planning is committed to and capable of managing separate accounts in accordance with SRI and ESG Investment Policy guidelines that adhere to values based investing.

CWP’s portfolio monitoring and compliance procedures are designed to assist the firm in observing the investment policies and restrictions that govern a client’s account including specific holdings exclusionary list.

Investment restrictions for separately managed accounts may be set forth in the Investment Management Agreement, as an exclusionary buy list or other documentation supplied by the client or client designated investment adviser.

Highlights of the portfolio include:

  • CWP actively manages sector allocation and opportunities to participate in defensive and cyclical trends given the relevant economic cycle

  • CWP screens for growth and value stocks from the DOW 30 and S&P 100 that have a history of increasing dividends and possess strong fundamentals

  • Designed to deliver an estimated annual cash flow of 4-7% gross of fees and commissions between dividend and covered call premium, plus the potential for capital appreciation

  • Unlike a systematic covered call program, CWP is not obligated to continuously cover each individual equity position and limit capital appreciation

  • When one of the underlying stocks demonstrates strength or an increase in implied volatility, CWP managers identify that opportunity and sell call options tactically

  • To deliver an additional 2-3% of annual income, the portfolio does not have to be covered 100% of the time.