DOL Pushes Increasing SMA Demand: Maximize Exposure of your WRAP Products

DOL Fiduciary Ruling

The DOL fiduciary rule is changing the way financial advisors manager their client's investments. Based on market trends and research around DOL, we expect increased use of databases that advisors currently use as a resource. 


FunFires recently published, 2nd annual SMA report revealed:

  • 64% of responding financial advisors plan to increase use of SMAs over the next two years
  • Advisors pointed to the DOL fiduciary rule as the primary driver of increase SMA use
  • Large Cap Equity SMA are poised to benefit the most - 51% of respondents plan to increase usage

Capital Wealth Planning is at the front lines and is one if the industries rising all-stars when it comes to offering a mega cap equity blue chip SMA with a tactical covered call overlay that covers 30-60% of the portfolio on average, generating a modest 5-7% income stream from dividends and covered call premiums.

If you are currently utilizing a database, please search for Capital Wealth Enhanced Dividend Income SMA and check out our risk statistics. The raw data doesn't lie, it puts us out their as one of the best risk-adjusted managers in our space. And best of all, our customer service and client relationship team is one of the best in the business! If you would like any additional information about our SMAs, please fill out the form below.