Prospecting: How We Can Help Financial Advisors Build Their Book of Business?

Being successful as a financial advisor requires both preparation and effective marketing. At Capital Wealth Planning, we can help you with both.

You need the proper tools to be successful. This includes having a game plan for how you will attract and retain new clients.

Marketing Material and Presentations

When you meet with your clients, you need to come in prepared. You can do this by asking preliminary questions prior to a physical meeting. We can assist you with developing a customized proposal to give to your prospective client.

Say for example your client has $400,000 to invest, we can generate a proposal that will illustrate the estimated income that will be generated by the strategy along with estimated performance metrics within your proposal. Our proposals are detailed and comprehensive, including details about our process and methodologies. Performance is GIPs verified and reported in the highest levels of standards.

We can help you land that client that’s been on the fence by working with you hands-on and being on the call with you and your client. We can help answer questions that your client may have on specific specific questions. In effect, we become an extension of your financial advisory team.


Prospecting through Social Media

In addition to marketing materials, you can and should market your services online through suitable outlets such as LinkedIn, where you can connect and grow your network to Facebook and Twitter, where you can establish your brand.

Having a successful inbound strategy will help you drive targeted traffic and suitable leads to your website as well as improve your SEO. Blog posts are a key part of this strategy and a schedule of 1-3 posts a week is ideal.

You can also invest in paid social media advertising through Facebook such as paid video ads and sponsored posts, Twitter promotional cards and LinkedIn paid posts.


Finally, you will want to keep growing your network. Your experience working with different types of business and nonprofit organizations becomes invaluable as you develop new client relationships.

If you have a prospect or a specific client in mind, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help in any way.